AC More Often Damaged

The air-conditioning filter not only protects your health and family members at home but also on the air conditioning unit as a whole aircon repair singapore. Filters that are too dirty air will disrupt the airflow on your air conditioning unit. The dangers of AC will affect AC damage, which means you have to pay a lot of repair costs or even have to replace the new AC despite not reaching the maximum age of its use.

AC that is forced to work with a dirty filter system will require more tug on the engine that is bad for your cooling unit. In addition, operational costs such as electricity bills will also increase. AC will also be difficult to cool the room, so you have to let the AC live longer. Again your electric bill will soar every month. In order to reduce the budget in your household, you should choose an air conditioning repair service or cheap AC treatment like our aircon repair singapore that will provide warranty service to you.

A well-functioning air conditioner will help moisture in a room well. However, AC with a damaged filter will disrupt the humidity settings of the room. As a result, the room will be more humid and cause the growth of mildew in certain walls or spaces in the room of the house. In addition, the dust will be thicker as it lowers your body’s health. To get a good AC condition and avoid the dangers of dirty air conditioning, then try to wash and check the condition of the AC filter at least 1 time in a month. From this routine service, you will be spared from many dirty air conditioner diseases that are very detrimental to you both health and financial immediately.