The yellow plaques around your eyes

If you feel that your body is alright but there are some weird, yellow plaques growing around your eyes, then it might be a sign that your body isn’t as fine as you’ve thought. These bumps may actually a strong indication that there’s something wrong with your body, so let us tell you what the reasons behind the growth of these things. They’re actually the medical condition which is called Xanthelasma Palpebrarum. This is a condition when your body has the critical amount of cholesterol, and these cholesterol bumps might indicate that your body needs to reduce its cholesterol as soon as possible.

When the bumps grow around your eyes, they may feel itchy and you really want to scratch them. However, we really not recommend you to scratch them, due to the wound may lead to a serious facial skin infection. Although you may be able to apply a safe and recommended cream to reduce the itchiness, make sure you only choose the brands of creams that will be recommended by your doctors. So yes, consulting with your trusted doctor will be necessary, and it will be an even better decision for you to visit a clinic which specializes itself in the diseases that caused by the high cholesterol.

If you left these plaques for a long time and you’re not going to take any action soon, you can be certain that some dangerous diseases may attack your body soon. The high cholesterol diseases are known to be dangerous and some of them can even be very deadly. The illness such as hypertension, stroke, and heart attack can attack you at any given moment whenever you’ve got the excessive amount of cholesterol within your body. So aside from checking up your condition at the trusted clinic, you might also need to pay attention to your diet and your physical activities. Make sure you eat the healthy foods with multivitamins, antioxidants, and also minerals and fibers in order to get the healthier and better digestive system. Other than that, exercising regularly will also help you to burn the extra cholesterol and fat within your body.