Join Ayahuasca Healing Right Now

Ayahuasca healing in usually uses traditional place. So do not be surprised if the place is not located in the middle of the city. In fact, Ayahuasca retreat also takes place in the forest. So the retreat will not be in vain.

Currently, there are a lot of organizations are providing Ayahuasca retreat. The treatment itself is numerous and easy to find on the internet. Most of them also provide itinerary to facilitate participants in following the treatment. In addition, although Ayahuasca retreat uses traditional way, there is also a doctor, nurse, and psychologist during ayahuasca ceremony. Each organization has a different way of retreat and accommodation but still has the same core of treatment.

To join Ayahuasca retreat, it costs a minimum of US $500 per person for three days. The more facilities are provided, the cost will be more expensive. Do not consume alcohol, coffee, chocolate, canned food, medicine (chemical or non-chemical), and spicy foods before the Ayahuasca retreat.