Diet myths and facts

Facts and Myths about diet sometimes make people feel confused about the real diet. Various ways a person does to lose weight, people are competing to get the ideal weight or body goal they want. However, they are often wrong in dieting such as inappropriate food selection or wrong exercise. In choosing how the diet often appears the pros and cons in the community around. Do you want to benefit from dr sebi food list? Well, in order to get the result as you want, why don’t you first go to know diet myths and facts?

– The first myth

Cold water is very suitable to drink during the day especially the hot weather, it makes a fresh feeling in the body when drinking it. However, many who argue when on a diet should not consume cold water because it triggers obesity. This is not true because basically cold water there are 2 elements of water and ice cubes, where ice cubes are frozen water and become ice, If we consume ice cubes as well as we consume ordinary water.

– The second myth

Many think that a fat family will have a fat offspring as well. It is not the most basic trigger of obesity, although heredity also affects. However, the percentage for this is very small 25-30% only, so heredity does not have a big effect on the problem of obesity. Fatty bodies are influenced by unhealthy lifestyles, such as overeating, lack of sleep, consuming foods that contain lots of fat and do not do regular exercise. If you have family members with obesity history or issue, run a healthy lifestyle, which can help you maintain your weight and even overall health condition.

There are still diet myths among people and are so popular, right? Make sure you will not trust it less unless you already ask the related professionals.